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Think Like an Editor: Questions to ask yourself before you hit Publish

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Not sure why your writing doesn't perform well online?

Is your grammar spotless and your content informative, but that's not enough?

Tired of Medium editors always having something to say about your articles?

The Think Like An Editor guide is what you need to make your content shine before it reaches the readers. With just 5 simple and actionable questions to ask yourself before you hit Publish, this tool will be your go-to every time you sit down to work on that first draft. It's easy, fast, and will help you become your personal editor, making your writing go from good to excellent in no time.

The guide comes with real-life examples from my own experience working with writers, and further resources to help you spot and improve those little details that make all the difference. Think Like An Editor will help you get an inside look into what editors are looking for and how they make content come to life in an easy, step-by-step way.

The guide is perfect for online writing because it will help shape the way you think about your own writing, to maximise efficiency at the editing stage.

Why learn from me?

📝I'm a qualified editor over a range of platforms, but specialising in online writing and social media editing

📈I run my own publication, Coffee Time Reviews, and my SEO efforts have helped my writers reach the top search results, with over 1.5k views on Google for each SEO-curated article I edited

🤝In my two years as an editor, I have worked with over 150 writers to help their content shine

📜I'm a first-class accredited journalist and top writer on Medium

What are you waiting for? Becoming your own editor won't get easier than this!

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A quick guide to the best questions you must always ask yourself before you publish your writing online.

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Think Like an Editor: Questions to ask yourself before you hit Publish

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